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We, the members of the Kentucky Professional Investigators Association, Inc., do enact these by-laws in order to establish and promote a state-wide association which will organize, serve, and educate members, enforce professional canons of ethics, and establish mutual feelings of trust, goodwill and friendship among ourselves and others in investigative agencies throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.




The association shall be known as THE KENTUCKY PROFESSIONAL INVESTIGATORS ASSOCIATION, INC., hereinafter known as KPIA or Association.




The purpose of the Association shall be to endorse, promote and safeguard the highest professional ethics of the investigative profession in order to benefit the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Further, the Association shall explore, cultivate and advance those arts and sciences which raise the professional standards and capabilities of investigators.  The Association shall support appropriate legislation, promote fellowship among members, assist others in the profession, and do all things which are in compliance with the Articles of Incorporation of the Association.




Section (1)       The principal office of the corporation shall be registered with the Secretary of State.


Section (2)       The official emblem of the Association shall be of the following design:  An outline drawing of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, with the name KENTUCKY PROFESSIONAL INVESTIGATORS ASSOCIATION, INC. printed directly underneath the drawing, and in the center of the drawing, the initials K.P.I.A.


Section (3)       The official use of the Association emblem shall be established by Administration Regulation and said emblem may only be used by those who are active members of the Association and in only those capacities prescribed in the Regulations of the Association and approved by the members.




Memberships are on an individual basis and without distinction of class except in matters requiring votes, nominations, or holding of office, in which case only “regular” members may vote.  Categories of membership are:


Section (1)       REGULAR MEMBERS – Regular members are voting members.


Section (2)       ASSOCIATE MEMBERS – Non-voting members.


Section (3)       SPECIAL MEMBERS – Non-voting members as specified in the Administrative Regulations.


Section (4)       APPLICATION – Application for membership in the Association shall be on the application form approved by the Association.


Section (5)       Prior to acceptance for membership in any category, all applications shall be reviewed and voted on by the Board of Directors.


Section (6)       Only regular members who have attended at least 50% of all meetings for a period of two years shall be eligible to run for office.




Annual dues and application fees, if any, shall be established by the membership and shall begin on January 1st of each year.  Procedures of renewal notification/expirations shall be established by Administrative Regulation.


Section (1)       Annual dues for a regular membership are $100.00.


Section (2)       Annual dues for an associate membership are $60.00.


Section (3)       Annual dues for a student membership are $40.00.


Section (4)       Dues for all membership types shall be prorated down by 25% for each quarter of the year that has passed before a person applies for membership.


Section (5)       All members who have not paid their annual dues by March 1 will be dropped from the membership rolls.


Section (6)       Only members who have paid their annual dues shall be eligible to run for office.


Section (7)       Only members who have paid their annual dues shall be eligible to vote in the election.




Section (1)       There shall be three officers for the Association:  President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer.  The President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected for a term of two (2) years.  The officers elected for the year 2002 shall have their terms extended through the year 2003.  Any officer may succeed himself if so voted by the membership.


Section (2)       The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and four (4) elected members.  The board members shall be elected to the following terms:


(a)                In the year 2003, 1 member shall be elected to a term of three (3) years, 1 member shall be elected to a term of two (2) years, and two members shall be elected to a term of one (1) year.

(b)               For each year beginning with the election in 2004 and for each year thereafter, 1 member shall be elected to a three (3) year term and one member shall be elected to a one (1) year term.

(c)                The President shall serve as Chairperson of the Board.


Section (3)       All officers of the Association must be residents of Kentucky.


Section (4)       No person shall hold more than one elected office.


Section (5)       No two officers of the Board of Directors shall be persons from the same agency/entity.


Section (6)       The President, as Chief Executive Officer and with the approval of a simple majority of the Board of Directors, will establish the duties and responsibilities of each elected officer and will submit these regulations to the membership at its regular meeting for approval.  These regulations will also establish the date, time and place of the regular meetings of the Association, and the date, time and place of the meetings of the Board of Directors.  All meetings shall be in compliance with the laws regulating meetings in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Section (7)       To facilitate the Association banking business, the office of Treasurer must be held by someone residing in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  The Treasurer must be bonded, as per the Administrative Regulations.


Section (8)       The President, as Chief Executive Officer of the Association, shall have the authority by Administrative Regulation to establish standing committees and any other committees deemed necessary for the well-being of the Association.  The Regulation will state the duties and responsibilities of the committee and its duration.  Any committee may be continued if its duties and responsibilities are to the benefit of the Association.




Section (1)       A slate of officers shall be presented by the Nominating Committee at the next-to-last regular meeting of the year.  Nominations will be accepted from the floor at this meeting.  The final slate of nominees will then be published to all members prior to the date of the last meeting of the year.


Section (2)       Elections will be held at the regularly scheduled meeting in January.


Section (3)       No meeting will be scheduled during the month of December unless called as a special meeting in accordance with the Administrative Regulations.


Section (4)       Newly elected officers shall be installed at the first regularly scheduled meeting of the year following their election.


Section (5) - In the event there are an insufficient number of members present to constitute a quorum, the Board of Directors shall be convened and their actions shall be approved as being the will of the membership.  (addition of this section passed by vote of membership 11-6-03)




Special meetings may be called by a majority vote of the Board of Directors or by petition of twenty percent (20%) of the active voting membership.  Such call of a special meeting must state a purpose and reason for the meeting and notice must be received by all members not less than seventy-two (72) hours before the date and time of the special meeting.




All meetings of the Association shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.  Minutes shall be taken and maintained at all meetings, general and/or special.  Roll call attendance shall be taken at each regularly scheduled meeting.




Regular members in good standing may vote on business of the Association brought forth by the Board of Directors to be ratified by the general membership.  A vote may be taken at any properly called meeting of the Association where a quorum of at least ten (10) members in good standing is present.  An issue may pass or fail on a simple majority vote of the quorum of members in good standing.  Absentee proxy ballots shall not be permitted.  Annual dues must be paid to be eligible to vote in the election of officers/board members.




As per Articles of Incorporation, Articles 7 and 8




Amendments may be made to the By-laws of the Association by the means stated in the Administrative Regulations.




The President of the Association or a majority vote of the Board of Directors may issue Standing Orders and Administrative Regulations, subject to the approval of the membership at any regularly scheduled meeting.  All members should receive a copy of any updates, changes, or additions to any Administrative Regulation or Standing Order at least fifteen (15) days prior to any regularly scheduled meeting.




Amendment passed 11-06-03 – Article VII – Meetings – addition of Section V