K.P.I.A. Code of Ethics

The members of the Kentucky Professional Investigators Association, Inc. (KPIA) recognize the need for high principles of ethical conduct in the investigative industry. At all times, each member represents the highest standards of dealing honestly, justly, fairly, and courteously with all clients they represent. The members will maintain the highest level of ethical conduct in the practice of their profession.

  1. Members will explain to the public, at any appropriate time, the role of their profession in the administration of justice.
  2. Members will practice integrity with other investigators and other professions. If any member or agency is guilty of unethical, illegal, or unfair practice, the information will be submitted in writing to the KPIA Ethics Committee.
  3. Members will provide those services which they are competent and qualified to perform. They will refrain from accepting an assignment if there is a personal or business conflict of interest. Members will deal fairly and equitably with clients explaining the duties and fees.
  4. Members shall not disclose privately or publicly the information obtained by him/her in the course of his/her work without the express consent of the person who contracted for the services, except all information connected with the commission of public offenses and cases where he is required by law to do so.
  5. Members will not unethically compete with other investigators in the solicitation of work. They will conduct themselves, in an ethical manner, whenever engaged in the solicitation of work.
  6. Members will not represent themselves in a misleading or deceptive manner. They will avoid all conduct or practice likely to discredit or to do injury to the dignity and honor of the investigative profession.
  7. Members will not knowingly violate any laws regulating business practices and the investigative profession itself. No rights or privileges of any citizen, which may be guaranteed by the United States or State Constitutions and their rules, regulations, or laws will be violated.
  8. Members will make all reporting based upon truth and fact and will express honest opinions on that basis. No personal feelings or prejudices will be allowed to interfere with the factual and truthful disclosures of the results obtained from investigative assignment for clients.
  9. Members will maintain technical competency, at such a level, that the client receives the highest quality of services that the members disciplines capable of offering. They will take advantage of professional training and continued educational opportunities whenever possible and keep up with advancements in their expertise at the highest level.
  10. Members will support the efforts of KPIA in promoting the highest standards for the profession of a private investigator. Duties will be performed at the highest standards of excellence.