History of the K.P.I.A.

The Kentucky Professional Investigators Association, Inc. was originally founded to propose legislation for licensing private investigators in the state of Kentucky. On December 15th, 1998, approximately thirty investigators held K.P.I.A.' s first official meeting in Elizabethtown for the inauguration of the Kentucky Professional Investigators Association, Inc. This was a historical event for the private investigative industry in the state of Kentucky.

The K.P.I.A. members elected their first officers and committees, agreed to form a Code of Ethics and work to represent the private investigators in Kentucky.

In the spring of 2002, K.P.I.A. members worked with members of the Kentucky General Assembly to enact KRS 329A, the Kentucky private investigator’s licensing law.  This law established the Kentucky Board of Licensure for Private Investigators and set the basic standards of licensing requirements and regulations.  In the spring of 2004, the K.P.I.A. authored and helped to enact changes to strengthen and improve the original law.

The K.P.I.A. continues to promote professionalism and continuing education in the private investigative industry and strongly supports the ethical conduct of its members.  The K.P.I.A also encourages networking among its members and with the investigative associations of other states.