KPIA welcomes membership applications from private Investigators, arson and accident reconstruction investigators, litigation support, expert testimony and any detective or investigator professional, and others, who have an interest in following the profession. 

Kentucky Professional Investigators Association Membership benefits

We are a not-for-profit organization offering full memberships to licensed private investigators and industry professionals and associate memberships to non-licensed interested  parties.


  • Training and Education
  • Credibility on Court Testimony
  • Recognition of Achievement
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Mutual assistance and cooperation from others in your profession
  • Access to investigative resources
  • Current Directory of Membership
  • Listing in our Online Membership Directory (with links to your website and contact info

Membership Catagories

Investigator Regular Member $100

$100 annually with voting privilege

An Investigator Regular Membership is a voting member who resides in the state of Kentucky and is:

  • Licensed with the Kentucky Board of Licensure for Private Investigators;

  • Or is certified as a professional investigator in the state of Kentucky by a specific agency or employer.

Associate Member $60

  • $60 annually with NO voting privilege

An Investigator Associate Membership is a non-voting member who:

  • Is a non-resident and is licensed in his/her state and is qualified under the respective laws and regulations to operate as an investigator

  • Or is a business who employs or hires investigators in any state.

Special Affiliate Member $60

$60 annually with NO voting privilege 

Special Affiliate Membership is a non-voting member who:

  • Provides services or products to the investigator industry.

Student Member $40

$40 annually with NO voting privilege 

We encourage Criminal Justice students to apply for membership to take advantage of networking opportunities and exposure to seasoned investigators. 

Kentucky Professional Investigators Association responsibilities and annual dues

Responsibilities and Annual Dues

All membership and Renewals require a signed application whereas you swear to (1) adhere to the KPIA Code of Conduct and operate with integrity in all your work under the profession of Private Investigator and Industry Professional. and (2) you acknowledge you have never been convicted of any criminal offenses.

A member in good standing is defined as an individual who has been accepted into membership and who has paid his/her dues for the then current year.

Regular Members are expected to attend at least one meeting during the course of the current year.

Dues are payable in advance for the fiscal year.

A delinquent member may be dropped from the membership roll if they do not pay their dues by March 1.  Individuals dropped for non-payment of dues may be reinstated by the Board of Directors and payment of all dues.


(Should application be denied, dues shall be reimbursed within 10 days of denial by same means as paid.)

Membership Application